Dream Catchers Dance Academy (The Happy Kids) is a dance team made up of street and underprivileged children. The majority of children on this team have suffered loss, lived on the street and begged to feed Рyet they exude so much joy and positivity when they dance. The Children in the Dream Catchers Academy are susceptible to risk and have chosen dance and the arts as a means of survival to change their lives. The Dream Catchers kids all live together as one big family. To sustain and survive, we depend on donations from you our family and friends. We also depend on money made from their dancing.  Every single dollar made from their dancing and every dollar donated goes into providing the children with shelter, food, clean drinking water, clothing and education and proper healthcare.

The children in the Dream Catchers Academy have a hope for a better future and are being empowered through dance, music and acting; this gives their dreams validity and helps them know that irrespective of what they have been told by others, they stand a chance at succeeding. We are making a change through innovative education.

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Every donation you give goes into giving Hope and fulfilling the Dream of A Child

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